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Ecuador Cities: Retiring In Bahia

Posted by re1 on March 25, 2016
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The coastal city of Bahia de Caraquez in Ecuador is probably one of the most notable retirement destinations along the beach. It is on a peninsula that juts out of the Ecuador mainland towards the Pacific Ocean. There are miles of beach sands that you can enjoy alone (or at least share with only a few people). There are also opportunities to explore the cultural and historical beauty of the place.

To top it all off, Bahia is the first of the Ecuador cities that declared itself as an eco city. They have been trying to live up to that image for quite some time now. That means the drive to provide a healthy environment for the local residents is quite high here. It is actually one of the cleanest cities along the coast of Ecuador.

But being an eco friendly city is not what brings people from all over the world to retire here.

How Bahia provides a better retirement option

One of the highlights of living in Bahia de Caraquez is the climate. While the weather is generally warm, they also have cool evenings. If you talk to one of the locals or the expats who have resided in this place for quite some time now, you will find that the rainy season typically happens between December to April. It usually rains in the evening and the day time can be quite humid. But apart from that, the climate is quite pleasant here.

With only around 30,000 residents, life in Bahia is peaceful yet filled with a lot of activities. There is a museum here that will allow you to glimpse the rich ancestry of the residents. From potteries to other artifacts, it can be an enriching experience for anyone.

Living in Bahia is convenient because of the recent developments in the infrastructure. A bridge had been constructed that crosses the Chone River and it resulted in a mere 45 minute drive from Bahia to Manta and back. That means you can get access to the enormous supermarket in the city even as you live in Bahia.

You can also purchase properties in Bahia for $65,000 to $100,000. There are also other properties that are higher than $100,000 but at least you know that you can get a property for a fraction of the cost. The rental price will also range from $550 to $750. You can check out online listings – just make sure that you will view a site that is trustworthy.

Investing in real estate properties in Ecuador cities is quite common and Bahia is not an exception. You can benefit from the great rental market that comes from both expats and tourists that come to this coastal city.

It is actually possible for you to live luxuriously on $1,500 a month in this city. That will get you a high rise condo with a great view and a lot of indulgences like wines and constant dining out with friends. The typical utility bill for a couple is around $100 a month. Drinking water can only cost you $50 if you have it delivered to your home everyday. You can get Internet for around $50 and cable for the same amount. Groceries typically cost around $400 to $500. That will leave you around $100 or so on entertainment too.

Exploring the city of Bahia is a fun activity to do. And if you get bored and you want to getaway, the infrastructure is good enough that it will allow you to visit the rest of the Ecuador cities conveniently.

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