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Do Not Let The Idea Of A “Perfect” Life In Ecuador Ruin Your Future

Posted by re1 on June 16, 2016
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Everyone who thought about starting a new life in Ecuador started with a vision of what a perfect life should be. This perfection is what made them explore this country to see if it is a great place to call a second home. Most of the expats who set up their life in this country fixated on this vision so much that it ruined the reality of living in Ecuador.

Let us be honest here. Ecuador is not like living in the United States, Canada, Great Britain or other developed nations. Quito, the capital city, is not like London, New York or Tokyo. This is a developing nation. Do not expect it to have the same systems as you had back home. The sanitation may not be as sophisticated and the streets may be filled with stray dogs. Finding work here may not pay you as much as you would back home.

What can you expect from a country that offers a low-cost of living?

How to preserve the allure of living in Ecuador

While your life in Ecuador may not be the same as what you used to have back home, that does not mean it cannot give you a great life. There are many benefits to living in this country and a lot of expats can attest to that. But you need to remove the notion of perfection in your mind.

Sometimes, expats come here with high hopes of a perfect life. But that is not going to happen. You need to be aware of that. If you hold on to that idea, you will end up packing up your bags and going back where you came from. This is something that you do not want to happen.

Here are some tips that will help you let go of that perfect life in Ecuador so you can settle for the best that reality can give you.

Let go of your perception of the perfect life. While the perfection of your vision made you decide to start a life in Ecuador, you need to forget about that. You can think about it so you can pattern your life to it but do not expect that your life will turn out that way exactly. That rarely happens. The sooner you accept that fact, the faster you can build up your life in this country.

  • Be flexible. This is something that you need to learn after moving to Ecuador. Things will not go as planned – it usually never happens that way. You need to learn how to let that go and not stress yourself too much about it.
  • Lower your standards. Think about the reality around you and lower your standards of perfection. Most of the time, what we have in our head is different from what you will see in Ecuador. Lowering your standards will keep disappointment from ruining the potential of your life in this country.
  • Expect the changes. Another thing that you need to expect are the changes that will happen to you. Do not think that you will stay as you are. The moment you decided to live in Ecuador, you are already changed forever. Not only should you accept the changes, you have to understand that the changes will not always be as you planned – and that should be okay.


Life in Ecuador may not be the perfection that you pictured before you came here. But that does not mean it will be any less fulfilling. If you have the right attitude about the move, any life you will start will be a great one.

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