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Ecuador Beach Properties For Sale In Montañita

Ecuador beach properties for sale in Montañita is gaining popularity simply because this is a surfing haven for tourists. It used to be a peaceful fishing village but it grew into prominence because the beach waters offer great opportunities to surf. That made it a hot destination for foreigners coming to visit the country.

The small coastal town of Montañita is located in the province of Santa Elena. It is fondly called “little hill” because that is what the name of the place translates to in English. In the 1960s, a lot of foreigners decided to call this place their home – most of them obviously loved to surf. The potential of this coastal place turned it into only of the best beaches in the southern part of Ecuador.

The place is filled with cafes, restaurants, hotels and other tourist related businesses. After all, apart from the fishing industry, tourism is a big part of the local economy.

But why would you want to find Ecuador beach properties for sale in Montañita?

Why is Montañita great for beach property investments?

There are two uses for the beach property that you will purchase in this town.

To live in.
One obvious reason to buy a property is to live in it. If you love to be where the action is, then this is the coastal destination for you. With the tourists flocking this place, you can be assured that amenities are abundant here. After all, tourists, no matter how temporary, will require the most basic necessities there is.

There are so many activities to do in this town – apart from the surfing. There are events like the Carnival that happens every February of the year. The market is also a great place to buy some of the stuff that you need and they all come in cheap – just like the rest of the commodities in the country.

You just have to be careful about living here because marijuana is used openly here. It is considered illegal in Ecuador but for some reason, that particular law is overlooked in Montañita.

To profit from.
If the marijuana bit of information turns you off, you can still search for Ecuador beach properties for sale but this time, as a second home. You could take advantage of the tourists pouring from January until about midway into the year. You can offer your home and earn from the rental income. If you have a bigger amount to invest, you can put up a small bed and breakfast place to accommodate more than one family or group. That should bring in more money. Although, it will be more costly to maintain. It is all up to you but this is one way for you to earn extra money in Ecuador.

The Ecuador beach properties for sale in this coastal town can go as low as $80,000 for a two bedroom home, $120,000 for a $3 bedroom home and up to $150,000 for a spacious four bedroom home. If you look beyond the listings on the Internet and go around Montañita yourself, you might find properties with “for sale” signs. Sometimes, this is how you get the best prices.

The Ecuador beach properties for sale in Montañita is a great investment but you should visit the place first before you decide. In case you find it your liking, you will realize just how fun it is to own a property here.

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